DragonFly MBR

Ben Cadieux ben.cadieux at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 11:42:28 PST 2006

> It would be nice to have some better descriptions for people that like
> to multi-boot (like me).

At this point there's lots of room, we'll see when I've added more
features.  I can always figure out a way to optimize it.  At the
moment it just shows fat/ntfs as being "Windows" - since there's
likely very few people booting DOS on Fat in comparison.   But I guess
we'd need a vote on what file systems should say what :)

> Does that also support booting the "last booted" OS like our boot0 or
> does it have the concept of a "default choice" which is used when the
> user does nothing for a while.

I forgot about this.  I'll add it in :)
 - BC

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