how to dual boot? (was Re: adding boostrap code to boot system)

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Sat Mar 4 16:54:23 PST 2006

On Sun, 5 Mar 2006, Sascha Wildner wrote:

> Sometimes packet mode helps, see boot0cfg(8) man page.
> # boot0cfg -B -o packet ad0
> for example.

I had tried that -o packet a couple times before, but not with the -B 

So I booted the LiveCD again and did that command.

Yeah!! Thank you, Sascha, that worked.

Can anyone quickly summarize the differences between fdisk -B, disklabel 
-B, and boot0cfg -B? How do you know which ones to use?

Now that I have lost two hours, I will try to find time so I can get back 
to working on the modular on DragonFly ...

 Jeremy C. Reed

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