DF Console GUI

Nigel Weeks nweeks at examiner.com.au
Thu Mar 2 20:42:09 PST 2006

> > and I like the look of Mac OS X(forgive me), and it'd be nice to
> > have a nice gui-based distro of a BSD...
> I completely agree with you on this - the ability to render
> graphics on
> boot, without having to deal with X11 configuration
> (immediately) would be
> wonderful.
I've had a bit of a look at KGI, and while it provides a lot of images
loading features and a handy API for getting console graphics
working....hang on, sounds good...

blow it, I'll see if I can get it going.

By the looks of it, and app can register to use the display. Just needs a
mini window-manager, and you've got a simple GUI.(understandment of the

Hmm, Dragonfly Desktop Edition...


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