adding boostrap code to boot system

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Wed Mar 1 14:08:39 PST 2006

My test laptop has:

ad0s1 -- NetBSD
ad0s2 -- unused
ad0s3 -- FreeBSD
ad0s4 -- DragonFly

I used NetBSD to partition ad0s4 for ID 165. The fdisk tool asked me for 
the boot label name. I entered "DFly".

I then used the latest official DragonFly CD "installer" to install to 

I chose to skip installing the boot manager, since I already had one that 
worked for ad0s1 and ad0s3.

Rebooting gave me a choice for "DFly" but it didn't work and ended up 
booting my NetBSD.

I booted the LiveCD again and ran:

disklabel -B ad0s4

It complained:

ad0s1: rejecting partition in BSD label: it isn't entirely within the slice
. ..

But I don't know why that slice was even looked at since I set "ad0s4".

So I rebooted, and my menu came up and I chose "3" for "DFly" and the 
system promptly rebooted.

Any ideas on how I can get  my ad0s4 partition to boot?

How can I do it from the boot loader prompt from LiveCD? (How to use 
LiveCD to boot ad0s4?)

Or how to do it with boot0cfg? disklabel? or fdisk? or Other?

I do not want to destroy my ability to boot into NetBSD or FreeBSD also.
(I seem to recall I had a tough time getting FreeBSD to dual boot too -- 
took me at least ten reboots of various attempts to get it right ... I 
need to find my notes about this.)

disklabel ad0s4 shows my disk as partitioned by the "installer".
But I don't have any /dev/ad0s4? devices. So from LiveCD, I did:

 cd /dev
 sh MAKEDEV ad0s1a

and that created them.

Then I could mount that new ad0s1a. Mount also complained with same error 
about ad0s1 partitions, but appeared to work. (Why does using ad0s4 
complain about ad0s1?)

(Please CC me.)

 Jeremy C. Reed

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