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Sat Feb 18 10:32:07 PST 2006

--- James Mansion <james at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> > For further reference try 
> > playing a recent sony audio cd under windows.
> > Soon you will only be 
> > able to play discs under windows
> exclusively...
> What's wrong with that, precisely?  So long as
> there is no passing-off as a red-box compliant
> product, then I can't see that Sony do not have
> the right to do that.
> > people, stand in for your right, for your
> freedom!
> When you say 'your freedom', you make it sound
> like you have the freedom, and it is being
> taken
> away.  I rather suspect that actually, for many
> things, you never had the freedom that you may
> think you did.
> In the UK, drivers are up in arms about new
> speed
> camera technology that WILL catch them when
> they
> exceed speed limits.  They claim that this is
> unfair and an impingement on their rights.
> I know I speed.
> But I also know that this will simply enforce
> the
> laws of the land, and I just got lazy about
> assuming
> that I'll get away with it.  I'm not about to
> lose
> any freedom from the introduction of these
> cameras.
> I'll just have to be more rigorous about
> obeying
> the law.  I can, after all, exercise my
> democratic
> right to try to get the law changed.


Its very popular here in the states. Its illegal
but you can't see it with the naked eye, so
how're they gonna catch you? :)

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