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walt wa1ter at myrealbox.com
Wed Feb 15 17:58:42 PST 2006

Danial Thom wrote:
> --- Simon 'corecode' Schubert
> <corecode at xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> David wrote:
>>> So. What are those of us with Nvidia cards to
>> do?...

> I wonder if the open source weenies will ever
> figure it out? 

> They made a business decision that they have more
> to lose by opening their interface to cloners
> then they have to gain by releasing source and
> interface specs. Its not really that complicated.

That seems a realistic assessment to me.

However:  what happens when hardware manufactures
like Nvidia are no longer subsidized by monopolists
like MicroSoft?  (No, not this year, or even next
year ;o)

Operating systems *will* become commodities in the
fairly near future, just like memory chips, disk
drives, and even CPU's.

So -- what will fuel the bottom line for companies
like NVidia when they are forced to publish their
hardware spec-sheets to the open-source folks?

Hmm.  Not that I care, but it seems to me that the
purveyors of 'content' (like videogame companies)
may need to subsidize hardware companies like NVidia
just so they can stay in the 'content' business.

Television sets are now commodities -- subsidized
by purveyors of <gag> 'content' like major networks.
What a sad commentary on human affairs...

Follow the money!

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