OpenSSH 4.3

Csaba Henk csaba.henk at
Thu Feb 9 01:39:30 PST 2006

On 2006-02-08, Oliver Fromme <check+iuddp400rsmu6q5m at xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> BUT ...  tunneling TCP over something which is itself
> based on a TCP connection (in this case: ssh) doesn't work
> well as soon as you try to transfer any significant amount
> of data over that tunnel and there's the slightest trace
> of packet loss or delays.  It will soon stall and timeout.
> The reason for that is explained here:

Thanks for the pointer. I knew that UDP-over-TCP is bad, but
I wasn't aware of this.

Anyway, this still might do for getting a quick vpn-alike over a
reliable connection with minimal configuration hassle, in a non-critical


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