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Fri Feb 24 05:46:04 PST 2006

Let me quote Johnny Lam to announce a new pkgsrc mailing list:

----- Forwarded message from "Johnny C. Lam" <jlam at xxxxxxxxxx> -----

From: "Johnny C. Lam" <jlam at xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] pkgsrc-users mailing list
Reply-To: "Johnny C. Lam" <jlam at xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 23:47:33 +0000 (UTC)

The NetBSD Project has created a new mailing list "pkgsrc-users at xxxxxxxxxx"
to better serve the pkgsrc user community and to help refocus the
existing "tech-pkg at xxxxxxxxxx" mailing list for technical discussions.
The charters for these two lists are:

    pkgsrc-users at xxxxxxxxxx:
	This is a general purpose list for most issues regarding the
	pkgsrc, regardless of platform, e.g. soliciting user help for
	pkgsrc configuration, unexpected build failures, using particular
	packages, upgrading pkgsrc installations, questions regarding
	the pkgsrc release branches, etc.  General announcements or
	proposals for changes that impact the pkgsrc user community,
	e.g. major infrastructure changes, new features, package
	removals, etc., may also be posted.

    tech-pkg at xxxxxxxxxx:
	This is a list for technical discussions related to pkgsrc
	development, e.g. soliciting feedback for changes to pkgsrc
	infrastructure, proposed new features, questions related
	to porting pkgsrc to a new platform, advice for maintaining
	a package, patches that affect many packages, help requests
	moved from "pkgsrc-users at xxxxxxxxxx" when an infrastructure
	bug is found, etc.

All current subscribers to the "tech-pkg" mailing list are encouraged
to subscribe to the "pkgsrc-users" mailing list.

pkgsrc began in August 1997 as a package system for NetBSD.  Now
entering the project's ninth year, pkgsrc has been ported to multiple
operating systems and has grown to contain well over 5,000 packages.
Due to the overwhelming success of pkgsrc, we are attracting a much
wider audience of users across several different platforms, and we
are discovering that the continuing growth of pkgsrc is straining the
usability of our one mailing list devoted to discussing "all things
pkgsrc".  The creation of a new list devoted to user-related issues
will provide pkgsrc with two forums that have separate focuses and
will help users and developers alike.

	-- Johnny Lam <jlam at xxxxxxxxxx>

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All pkgsrc-on-DragonFly users are invited to join this mailinglist.  
You can subscribe by filling out this form:

People who wish to participate in pkgsrc development (on DragonFly or
other platforms) are welcome to join the tech-pkg at xxxxxxxxxx mailing


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