Questions about pkgsrc migration

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Oct 25 15:16:35 PDT 2005

:> be the best way to do so.
:> Is it best to deinstall everything with portupgrade/pkg_delete and then s=
:> from scratch?  How complex is the pkgsrc setup at this point?  Has anyone=
: put
:> together a document for the migration path?
:I suggest you look at wip/pkgmanager.  Makes things very easy.

    I'm pretty happy with the setup procedure for pkgsrc, which can
    be found here:

    The only issue is with the FreeBSD package system binaries that 
    are still in our /usr/sbin.  I would like those moved somewhere
    out of the way (e.g. like put them in a /usr/fbsdpkg/sbin) so people
    don't trip over them.   (If one of the pkgsrc guys wants to do that,
    please go ahead!).  The current default location for the pkgsrc
    tools (/usr/pkg/<blah>) is just fine, I see no reason for us to 
    mess with it.  i.e. I see no reason to try to install those in
    /usr/sbin.  All we need to do is fixup the default paths to 
    include /usr/pkg/sbin and we are done.

    For the release my current feeling is that we should install them the
    same way we install cvsup, that is install them as part of the ISO build
    and *NOT* integrate the pkgsrc bootstrap into our own CVS tree or 
    buildworld (though, on the buildworld front, we could have a make
    variable tag to have the buildworld automatically update the pkgsrc
    bootstrap as well).   

    I see no need to copy the physical pkgsrc sources into our CVS.  I think
    NetBSD has done a great job compartmentalizing it.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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