Packaging Questions

James Frazer jfrazer at
Sat Oct 22 13:43:11 PDT 2005

> Not yet. I have plans to make pkgmanager support fully upgrading a
> 'mirror' of the system in a chroot. pkgmanager would then be able to do a
> relatively fast upgrade of the "real" system using binary packages
> produced in the chroot.

This sounds like a good idea.  That way breakage can stay in the 
chroot and not on the real system.  

> Alternatively I have been considering having pkgmanager maintain two
> chroots. One that is "active" and one that is not. pkgmanager would then
> be able to bring the non-active chroot up to date and, when the user is
> satisfied everything is fine, be able to semi-atomically "switch" the two
> chroots - perhaps by having /usr/pkg be a nullfs mount of one of the
> chroots.

Another interesting idea.

Thanks for the replies, they were very informative.

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