Liam J. Foy liamfoy at
Thu Oct 13 09:10:48 PDT 2005


	Am emailing to let you guys know of a small site I have put
to together:

It contains most BSD related RSS feeds I can find (although I never
looked hard).

The initial idea behind the site was for all BSD related RSS feeds to be
able to be seen in one location. I wanted this whilst in University.
It saved valuable time which would be otherwise spent by browsing
each and every site.

If you know of any other BSD related RSS feeds you would wish to
see, please email me. However, make sure the RSS are of good quality
and are reliable. All the RSS feeds are grabbed roughly every 3

Just thought I'd let you guys know =)


(I'm not subscribed to freebsd-users, maybe someone would like to
forward it).

Liam J. Foy

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