HEADS UP: recent world troubles

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon May 9 10:30:38 PDT 2005

:On Mon, May 09, 2005 at 10:10:56AM -0700, Matthew Dillon wrote:
:>     Right now we have a problem.  Any 1.2 binary that tries to use locale
:>     will break.  If you can come up with a solution that makes those binaries
:>     work without requiring people to set some magic environment variable
:>     then fine.  If not, then move the location of the citrus locale files.
:Let me put it the other way. Do you want to move the location of the locale
:files everytime we change the format to please statically linked binaries?
:For the dynamically linked programs it's not a program, we can do that
:just by recompiling the lib with a different path. We can even build
:a default compat path into the current libc, but that won't help old
:static binaries.

   If that is what is takes, yes.  It is far more important to keep system
   transitions as smooth as possible then to try to make the name of some
   directory that nobody ever manually looks at the same.  We already
   have too many bug reports related to this issue, which means we have
   to stop with the overloading hacks and just rename the directory so there
   is no collision.

   I don't care WHAT you call it, as long as it is not called 'locale'.
   If citrus is going to run through more incompatible changes, then add
   a subversion to it.  e.g. locale_citrus_1_2 or something like that.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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