Sugestion: DragonFlyBSD Hackathon?

Miguel Filipe miguel.filipe at
Wed May 25 08:56:02 PDT 2005

Hi there,

This is just a sugestion, I've come used to the OpenBSD hackathons, because:
- I guess its good for devs to actually meet and have a beers with others..
- They show impressive results in terms of code/features/fixes per week
- Its good for fans since they see news and status about progress of
projects they like.
- they are good in terms of "visibility" and "marketing", of in some
less comercial words:
      Its a good way for a project to show itself and its
features/filosophy to new/unaware potencial users and developers

So, this is for the dev. team, what about making a DFLYBSD hackathon?

Best regards, keep up the good work!

Miguel Sousa Filipe

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