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Hans-Werner Hilse hilse at
Mon Jun 20 05:28:30 PDT 2005

Hi everybody, hi Joerg,

On Sun, 19 Jun 2005 18:44:21 +0200
Joerg Sonnenberger <joerg at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Well, for firefox there's a pending patch.

I have 2 points here:
- you say "pending patch". That leads me to the question how DragonFly-
related patches to the pkgsrc-tree should be submitted. How did you
submit yours? The pkgsrc manual mentions send-pr, is that the way to
go? Actually, there's a bit of traffic on the gobsd-list as well. I'd
like to have some directions on where the actual patches should go and
where on the other hand dragonfly-related discussion of pkgsrc should
take place. It would be good to have a place for such discussions as it
will be easier for all dragonfly/pkgsrc users to share their efforts.
E.g., I have compiled successfully gpgme, but I'm far from having a
good patch for the pkgsrc tree, as some upstream patches would make
much more sense there. Nevertheless, my workaround may be of interest
to someone else.

Would it make sense to create a few wiki pages that contain such
workarounds and script snippets?

- second, the firefox diff doesn't work for me (that is, firefox
doesn't compile anyway, the diff itself applies fine). It's breaking at
some obscure extension "transformiix" in mozilla/extensions/
transformiix/source/base/Double.cpp with the error that the constant
"NAN" is undeclared. Well, this is at least true from what I can say
after a quick grep through /usr/include. So this question is more
directed to Joerg: How did you made this beast compiling? Wasn't that
extension a dependency with your setup? (FYI, I'm running Preview-


PS: this is actually my first post on DfBSD mailing lists. Hello
everybody! I'm gonna bug you the one or the other time in the future
with some more questions;-) I hope I can give something back by hacking
my way through pkgsrc and supplying patches...

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