install problem

walt wa1ter at
Thu Jun 16 14:23:58 PDT 2005

On Fri, 17 Jun 2005, topet wrote:

> im installing xorg using pkgsrc and everything was ok until it failed
> with "render" pkg. pls help me with this...
> ===> *** No /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles/pkg-vulnerabilities file found,
> ===> *** skipping vulnerability checks. To fix, install
> ===> *** the pkgsrc/security/audit-packages package and run
> ===> *** '/usr/pkg/sbin/download-vulnerability-list'.
> cannot open /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles//render-0.8.tar.gz.temp: no such file

You come up with some strange errors!  I built this package yesterday
and I just tried it again.  I got no errors either time.

There must be something unusual about your pkgsrc installation --
for example the // after 'distfiles' makes me wonder if you are
using symbolic links between partitions or, maybe, using a PATH
other than /usr/pkg and /usr/pkgsrc?

What do you see if you type this at a command prompt:
# digest sha1 /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles/render-0.8.tar.gz

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