pkgsrc or dfports?

walt wa1ter at
Thu Jun 9 12:05:08 PDT 2005

Martin P. Hellwig wrote:

Out of curiosity, when mixing ports+dfport & pkgsrc ports having the 
target directory /usr/local what great evil will happen?
I am also juggling ports/pkgsrc (because I enjoy suffering ;) and I
would think that the major conflict would be the common package tools
such as pkg_add, pkg_info, pkg_delete, etc.  Both packaging systems
use these utilities with the same names, but they are not identical.
For the same reason, you should not use /var/db/pkg for both systems.
I picked /var/db/pkgsrc, for example.  You must also remember to add
/usr/pkg to your PATH -- which means you must use absolute pathnames
when you use utilities like pkg_info.  The whole thing seems to work
nicely as long as you can remember all the traps.
I also saw that pkgsrc in the dragonfly incarnation uses bmake, whats up 
with that why not make?
The 'Big Thing' with NetBSD is supporting many different platforms.  I
would guess that the pkgsrc people settled on one version of make that
they could rely on to work on all those platforms.  Just thinking about
it gives me a headache.  It reminds me of the Mormons and their support
for polygamy -- you would have to be nuts to want such a headache ;o)

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