Quake 3 problems

John Leimon jleimon at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 6 21:29:31 PDT 2005

Yeah that's it. I guess I assumed this was a bug instead of a configuration
issue. So instead of patching the makefile i could just do a:
cd /sys/dev/drm/radeon
make -DDRM_LINUX && make obj && make && make install ?

Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:

> On 07.06.2005, at 00:28, John Leimon wrote:
>> Brock your patch works perfectly! :D
>>> How old is your system? Simon committed my fixes to the
>>> linuxulator/ioctl mapping at the end of February. You may need to
>>> update
>>> your system.
>> Just to let you know i just updated to 1.3-Preview DragonFly
>> 1.3-Preview #0:
>> Sun Jun  5 and the code still required this patch to function. (perhaps
>> it's not commited yet?)
> are you talking about the -DDRM_LINUX patch? i'm not sure, but
> shouldn't that be enabled with options DRM_LINUX or something like
> that? if it is not, should we do that?
> cheers
>    simon

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