cvsup mirror and a couple DragonFly issues

Jeff Blank jb000002 at
Tue Jun 14 19:22:07 PDT 2005


I'm trying to set up a DFly cvsup mirror but not having much luck.
This is on a FreeBSD 5 box using the cvsup-mirror port, already
successfully mirroring FreeBSD.  I'm doing ok (I think) at getting the
CVS collections, but getting cvsupd to serve out the DFly collections
isn't working quite as well (ok, isn't working at all).  What I've
done to mirror DFly is essentially to copy the supfile,, and generated by the port to a different directory and run new script.  But cvsupd can't seem to find the DFly collections.

I'm starting to think that maybe just trashing what I've done (except
for the CVS files I've mirrored, of course) and starting over might be
the best thing at this point.  Can anyone supply me a clue?  Maybe a
supfile and a cvsup command line would do the trick.  I'm grateful for
any help, and I wouldn't mind setting up a public CVSup/CVSWeb server
at a well-connected US site eventually if I can get this working.

Moving on to my actual DFly installation and problems/questions now...

I ran 1.2.2-RELEASE from a few days ago until yesterday, when I
upgraded to 1.3-Stable.  Neither one would beep through the onboard
speaker.  I read in the archives that one needed 'options TIMER_USE_1'
at one time and that it would be fixed shortly (last September).
Should I still need that option, or could something else be the
problem?  I'm running an otherwise-generic kernel with
options SMP
options APIC_IO
device pcm

Often when I boot DFly (primary OS on this computer is FreeBSD
5.4-STABLE), the boot process freezes right after
SMP: AP CPU #1 Launched!
When it doesn't freeze, the kernel next goes looking for disks and
often says
ad0: timeout waiting for interrupt
before displaying the ad0 and ad1 information.  If it matters, ad0 is
FreeBSD, and ad1 is DFly.  I think this may have happened once with
1.2.2, but it happens a lot with 1.3 (DragonFly_Stable as of
yesterday).  (Never happens with FreeBSD.)  Is this anything like a
known problem?  Is there anything I can do to get more information
from my system about what's going on?

I appreciate any help anyone can offer and will gladly provide more
information if needed.  I tried to think of everything but haven't had
too much experience with new operating systems and so haven't
encountered a lot of problems. =)


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