BSD Installer Technology Preview (2005.0721) Available - please help test

Jonas Sundström jonas at
Fri Jul 22 07:49:56 PDT 2005

Chris Pressey <cpressey at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> -installer-preview.iso.bz2

This is not really an issue with the BSD Installer, but.. 

At the bootblock stage boot0cfg failed to install on a 2'nd
yet unformatted harddisk (not the disk I'm installing to),
saying "bad magic".

I think boot0cfg should succeed anyway, if possible,
and maybe just warn about the missing/bad partition table, 
but leave the rest to boot0, which having been installed
may still work, if a partition table is added later on, 
since the 512 byte boot manager knows how to grok 
the partition table.

/Jonas Sundström.    

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