Trouble swapping bootdisk to different controller

Heinrich Rebehn rebehn at
Mon Jan 31 07:12:52 PST 2005

Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
On Mon, Jan 31, 2005 at 02:57:51PM +0100, Heinrich Rebehn wrote:

mount -t mfs swap /mnt
This even worked although no swap was set up

swap is special-cased for MFS.

cp /dev/MAKEDEV /mnt/
cd /mnt
sh MAKEDEV ad7s2
 sh MAKEDEV ad7s2a	(Just for the records :-) )

Hm. I thought it would handle that automatically, but it
doesn't. Sorry.

mount -uw /dev/ad7s2a /
 mount -uw /mnt/ad7s2a /  ( dto. )

Typo :)

cd /dev
sh MAKEDEV ad7s2
Thanks for your help Joerg. Good to know that help is also available in 
the same timezone ;-)

Well, it depends on my sleep time :)

And, more important: the SCSI-RAID is accessable now !!! :-)
Will test performance later this evening..

Sounds good. What was the problem?

It does not look so good any more. I started bonnie++, it got hung up, i 
tried to shutdown, which hung, so i had to press reset and now the RAID 
controller seems fscked up, it can't initialize anymore. I will consult 
the handbook and try to figure out, if there is a reset jumper or such.

Even before i noticed that the raid is broken (when i saw bonnie++ 
hang), i decided that i have spent enough time trying out Dragonfly.
It's not only time that worries me. I have run into various problems 
with DFly (ATA-Controller not supported, RAID-Controller problems, NFS 
problems, many problems with ports) none of which occured with 
FreeBSD-5.3. And i do not know what problems are still to come.
My impresssion is that DFly is not yet ready for production, at least 
not for our requirements.

So i think i will be better off using FreeBSD.

I really appreciate and thank you all for your help and i hope that the 
project can benefit from my problem reports.

One more question: Will DFly be supporting UFS2 some day? That way i 
could always easily switch without having to backup/restore my data.

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