bus_alloc_resource fails for AVM ISDN B1 card

Joerg Anslik joerg at anslik.de
Thu Jan 27 13:45:32 PST 2005


>Look at the output of boot -v for the slot & function of the device,
>the map entry tells you which bars are available for the device.

This gets me:

found-> vendor=0x1244, dev=0x0700, revid=0x00
        bus=1, slot=6, func=0
        class=02-80-00, hdrtype=0x00, mfdev=0
        subordinatebus=0        secondarybus=0
        intpin=a, irq=10
        map[10]: type 1, range 32, base 00009800, size  8
        map[14]: type 1, range 32, base df004000, size  8

So I assume 0x10 or 0x14 should do the trick. 0x10, however, is the
value already assigned to sc->sc_resources.mem_rid in iavc_pci.c, so I
tried 0x14, but got the same failure, "iavc0: can't allocate memory
region".   :(

Anything else I could try?


cd /pub
more beer

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