Problems booting an SMP kernel

Douglas S. Keester dkeester at
Wed Jan 26 19:14:47 PST 2005

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 02:07, Atte Peltomaki wrote:

> <more_sarcasm>
> Help you are receiving is equally decent to your equipment :P
> </more_sarcasm>
> > "fuck off and get a good system lamer." From reading archives of this
> I'm sorry if this is how you perceived it. I have had a motherboard
> equipped with the chip in question, and it was enough for me to form
> a quite strong opinion about it.
> Atte

	After reading a mail that I received off-list, reading some of LKML from 
2001, and looking at the Linux driver I now understand why you have such a 
low opinion of this hardware. :-)

	I didn't realize how many problems it has.

Douglas S. Keester
dkeester at xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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