Bridging two laptops

TIV gtivey at
Sat Jan 15 16:44:20 PST 2005

Michael Neumann wrote:


Maybe you can help me, as I've little experience with "advanced" 

My configuration:

* A wireless router (acts as DHCP):

* Laptop A, which is connected wireless: ipw0,

* Laptop B, which does not have wireless access, but is connected
  via a cross-link cable to Laptop A's rl0 network interface.
  It's network device is xi0 (DHCP). It's running NetBSD, but that
  should not matter.
On Laptop A (DragonFly), I did:

  kldload bridge
I also put both rl0 and ipw0 into promisc mode. rl0 does not have an 
IP assigned.

Laptop B gets IP assigned via DHCP. But I can't ping 
laptop A from B and vice versa.

Maybe someone can enlighten me? Thanks.



Hi there Michael ----

   You may want to check that laptop A is set up as a 'Gateway' (ie. 
sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=1). Also take a look at the routing ( 
netstat -r) and
set the default routes. Firewall blocking icmp?

My experience is that even though the documentation for wireless shows an
example with bridging. ---I have not needed to use it in a similar setup.
I just assign appropriate IP's to all the network cards, setup the host 
as a
gateway. and set the default route on the client to the IP of the attached
host adapter. Hope this works for you.

Best regards,

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