why is sendmail the adopted mta?

Michel Talon talon at lpthe.jussieu.fr
Mon Jan 3 04:07:04 PST 2005

Emiel Kollof wrote:

> Sendmail has a lot of eyeballs looking at it. 

A clear proof that auditing doesn't solve security problems.

> For all intents and purposes, sendmail works fine. One could do a lot
> worse. And the security track-record of sendmail the last few years has
> been very good.


> Please put an end to this ever-recurring bikeshed.

There are good reasons why these bikesheds are ever recurring,
and experience shows that, finally, these controversial softs
get expelled. Perl has been sacked from FreeBSD-5, Bind8 has been replaced,
DragonflyBSD comes with a new installer, etc. 

Michel Talon

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