why is sendmail the adopted mta?

Martin P. Hellwig mhellwig at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 2 11:24:45 PST 2005

Michel Talon wrote:
<cut very tue and I very agree>
As has been repeated many times, installing the postfix port doesn't 
remove the sendmail stuff, the sendmail manpages that hide the postfix 
ones, etc. Of course someone diligent enough can remove all that stuff 
by hand, but as soon as a system becomes widely used, this sort of thing 
becomes "unprofessional". Do you imagine doing that on a pool of 100 

Sure no problem. It is in the same problem category as a windows 
administrator administrating a pool of 100 clients and the necessary 
servers. If that administrator has not figured out how to automate that 
process, (s)he should be very ashamed.
But with a unix-like system it is so much easier to automate things in 
comparison to windows-like systems.


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