cvsup in 1.4?

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Thu Dec 29 20:42:48 PST 2005

On 29.12.2005, at 20:54, Matthew Dillon wrote:
    Excuse me a moment while I go off into a corner and scream bloody
    murder at the authors of ezm3 (which cvsup needs to build).  There 
    literally, HUNDREDS of os-dependant files, no worthwhile 
    and no mechanisms that I can see to help port to a new OS or 
    any of the required dependancies.  There are insane dependancies 
that go
    deep, deep into system internals.  If there is a poster boy on how 
    to write a language, ezm3 would be it :-(.
Heh, I said about the same when I tried porting it...

    I am just going to take the cvsup binary from FreeBSD-4 and make 
    nrelease build use it directly.  Fortunately we still ship with 
all the
    required compatibility libraries.  Then we will shift away from 
    cvsup for 1.5 and later.  I really love the cvsup program, but the
    language support is just too much of a headache.
Yes, that's what I wanted to discuss some time ago.  To sum up again:

Possibilities to sync a CVS tree:
- rsync: pretty standard, not optimized for CVS, but fairly optimized
- cvsync: in its current version cripples some RCS,v files
Possibilities to sync a checked out tree:
- rsync: needs a checked out tree on every mirror.  bad imo.
- csup: still needs a cvsupd running.
- anoncvs: eats lots of disk IO on the server
Or: write one ourselves.  Another project which basically is meta.

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