NIS setup

Chuck Tuffli ctuffli at
Sat Dec 17 10:15:15 PST 2005

You rock! -m did the trick. I remember seeing the "many cast" in the
man pages and thinking that was an odd name. Thanks again for the


On 17 Dec 2005 11:01:57 GMT, Oliver Fromme
<check+irn2mm00rs9gh01n at xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Chuck Tuffli <ctuffli at xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  > Adding the domain name to each of the servers in the -S option didn't
>  > work and the machines were already listed in /etc/hosts. Does it mater
>  > that the client and server are on different networks (i.e.
>  > vs
> Oh yes, it does.  Very much.  You should have mentioned
> that in the first place.  :-)
> You need to add -m to the ypbind options.

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