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Danial Thom danial_thom at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 10 09:00:40 PST 2005

Perhaps I have a stake in one of the "beta
quality OSes" (FreeBSD 5.x+, Dragonfly, etc)
actually becoming useful? Its very frustrating to
see a strong solid OS with a strong management
team fragment into a bunch of mini-teams, none of
which have a wide-enough range of expertise to be
ultimately successful.

You obvioulsy have no-one on your "Team" than is
strong in networking, because you don't even have
the ability to understand the issues
(apparently), much less come up with viable
solutions. If the performance of Makeworld is
your criteria, and you have no large network
exposure (since you are in denial of packet loss
and think that flow controlling a loaded gigE
switch is a "solution"), I don't see  how there
is any chance for success beyond a being a "neat
desktop OS". 

I'm feeling a bit like Charlton Heston in "The
Planet of the Apes" here. 

Long Live Matt! Long Live Matt!

--- Hiten Pandya <hmp at xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dude, if you have made and are making millions
> of benjamins, I don't
> a person in his right mind would be spending
> his time arguing Gig-E
> performance speeds on a mailing list for a
> beta-quality OS. :-)
> If I was a person that made millions, I would
> definitely be planning
> on buying an AMG convertible and thinking of
> buying some Cuban cigars.
> So please, lay off the shit of how much you
> make and talk some sense
> here.  No, we don't think Matt is all singing
> all dancing and knowing,
> BUT, he does talk sense most of the times.
> Anyway, this feels like troll targeting a lot. 
> If you really think
> Matt is right, or people who agree with his
> viewpoints, then do
> provide some numbers and we will take it from
> there.
> Kind Regards,
> -- 
> Hiten Pandya
> hmp at dragonflybsd.org
> Danial Thom wrote:
> > I, on the other hand, have made millions of
> $$
> > designing and selling network equipment based
> on
> > unix-like OSes, so I'm not only qualified to
> > lecture on the subject, but I'm also
> qualified to
> > tell Matt that he's dead wrong about just
> about
> > everything he's said in this thread. If you
> think

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