pkgsrc on DragonFly status

Wade waderr at
Fri Aug 26 20:45:02 PDT 2005

On 27/08/05, Jeremy C. Reed <reed at xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am running bulk build of pkgsrc on DragonFly 1.3.4-DEVELOPMENT (i386).
> At this time, 907 packages have been packaged successfully out of 1356
> (out of 5523 total to do).
> I have been committing some fixes for DragonFly.
> I am doing this as a non-root user, so some may are not packaging due to
> permission problems such as installing with mode 555 and then attempting
> to ranlib on it. (I am fixing these too for those who like to do
> unprivileged installs for their own use.)
> I will let you all know in a day or so when it completes. (The bulk builds
> framework generates an email and HTML reports.)
> Thank you, Matt D., for shell access on a quick machine. And thanks also
> to Joerg S. for many fixes.
>   Jeremy C. Reed
>                          open source, Unix, *BSD, Linux training

Is xorg expected to build right now? It failed for me a couple of days
ago under vmware.. (the compilation stage).

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