Warning about installing DragonFly and FreeBSD to same disk

Rob Andrews rob at impure.org.uk
Thu Aug 25 12:43:15 PDT 2005

[25-Aug-2005 17:59.00 (BST) / Chris Pressey]
 > I haven't tested any workarounds yet, but I suspect that marking the
 > DragonFly partition with some other partition id (like MS-DOS) before
 > installing, and marking it back after installing, would be enough to
 > trick FreeBSD's installer into ignoring it.

grub has an option "parttype" that can change the partition type before
proceeding with the boot process. I used it to change freebsd's
partition type back to 0 and dragonfly's to 165 before booting
dragonfly, and vice versa for freebsd. Popping this into the menu file
will do the grunt for you at boot time.

If you install the loader to the FreeBSD and DragonFly partition boot
sectors and skip the MBR loader installation you can install grub and
have it chain load the boot loader from the boot sector.

Be warned, grub may not support the ufs filesystem you choose to install
it upon. If grub can't read the stage2 files from your filesystem, keep
an ext2 or FAT filesystem somewhere.


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