state of the union?

Hiten Pandya hmp at
Sun Aug 21 03:41:36 PDT 2005

esmith wrote:
I'd really like to read a report on where DF is right now. 
Has Matt posted anything like this recently? I've read the
diary entries but, it would be nice to read something that 
takes a non-kernel developer from where DF started to where
 it is now and then speculate on the future.

I have been thinking about writing an article or two on DragonFly history, 
but nothing set in stone just yet.

The other thing to read, though a little outdated is the OnLamp article on 
DragonFly.  Many of the tasks might have changed, but focus and vision of 
the goals are pretty much the same.

The project is quite young to have a history article anyway.  Once a few 
of the sub systems are finalised, like Journaling, BUF/BIO work, then it 
would be nice to document those.

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