about the snapshots

Erik Wikström erik-wikstrom at telia.com
Fri Aug 19 07:04:52 PDT 2005

On 2005-08-19 15:54, Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
On Fri, August 19, 2005 8:28 am, Richard Nyberg said:
o What does "2CSNAP" mean?
I think that's short for "Corecode snapshot"?

o Is "Release-1.2" release 1.2.0 or the latest release 1.2.x?
It's the latest, as far as I know.

o Which compiler version is used for building "Release-1.2"?
Wouldn't it be 3.4 by now? I thought that 2.95 didn't support TLS
and had been removed from alltogether.
Erik Wikström

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