Compatability with FreeBSD Ports [debian package tools]

James Frazer jfrazer at
Thu Aug 18 12:25:29 PDT 2005

Oh, I have nothing against using ports/pkgsrc for producing packages.  And
actually couldn't care less how package management is accomplished.

_I just want it to work._

In my experience apt/dpkg has been able to do things that I simply could
not do with ports/portupgrade -- such as upgrading gnome.  And yes, I'm
aware the FreeBSD Gnome guys have an update script, but that hosed my
system as well.

Obviously the problem is much more complex than simply saying "yes,
apt/dpkg will solve everybody's problems".  However, I think the key point
to note is that there is a desire for better binary package management,
especially when upgrading large things.  And there are definitely those of
us who have been holding out and waiting for such a system.

> And please describe how we manage to accomplish apt/dpkg otherwise.
> (Actually you might just be able to debootstrap and run via Linux
> compatibility. Have you tried that?)
> Andy

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