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ejc wrote:
> On 8/17/05, Michel Talon <talon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I have never used portage, but a lot of people are very happy with it.
>> But for sure i have encountered severe breakage in FreeBSD ports, so
>> i don't see any reason to despise the Gentoo work.

> I run Gentoo at work and fight with portage every day and, believe me,
> you don't want to. 

So -- your experience at work is in direct conflict with my experience
at home (as a hobbyist, not a professional).

This suggests to me that the difference between us is not the quality of
the packaging system per se, but the level of skill and knowledge of the
people who maintain the individual packages.

I am assuming that you (as a professional) use different packages than
I use as an amateur.  If I attempted to run a web server, a mail server,
a news server, and e-business website, or who-knows-what-else, I might
be 'fighting' with portage just as you do.

> I came from a FreeBSD ports background and dealt with breakage there

Me too!

> -- even had portupgrade and friends barf a few
> times, but it was nothing like portage. 

My experience has been the opposite of yours.  Once again, this says
to me that the experience and skill of the package maintainer is worth
more than any trivial differences in the packaging infrastructure.

There is still no substitute for human talent and human obsession!
No infrastructure is good enough (yet) to replace human blood, sweat,
and tears.  (But stay tuned  ;o)

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