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Hiten Pandya wrote:
> Can we not just go with an established packaging suite like the one 
> found in Debian and modify it for our use?
> It's certainly more established than pkgsrc, and has more packages.
>             Hiten Pandya
>             hmp at xxxxxxxxxxxxx

It might be worth for interested parties to look at the "Smart Package 
Manager," written in Python and can be used in conjunction with the Debian 
package tools, i.e. APT, DPKG, etc.

If we ever go down the route of using APT, which I think we should, now 
that I look at it more and more, the Smart Package Manager could be quite 
a worthwhile tool make use of, it also fits perfectly well with our 
overall goal of using Python related scripting;

The more I read about what is available out there, pkgsrc and ports make 
look like the Dark Ages.

Chris, you might want to have a look at the above URL too, since you were 
also interested in Python based package solutions.

			Hiten Pandya
			hmp at xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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