Compatability with FreeBSD Ports

walt wa1ter at
Mon Aug 15 14:03:16 PDT 2005

Andreas Hauser wrote:

But you have no solution. portupgrade works fine here.
It is a mature tool and is up to the task.
While "bmake update" is not and there are a lot of problems with it...
I agree with everything you say about pkg_chk versus portupgrade:
pkg_chk -u is not a good solution (most of the time).
That is why the pkgsrc/wip/pkgmanager project was started by Peter
Schuller (  He is very sympathetic to our
complaints, because he has the *same* complaints!
I have emailed Peter several times with suggestions about how to
improve his pkgmanager and he has been very happy to have my grumpy
input ;o)   I think pkgmanager is going to be the answer to our
problem -- given a bit more time and more work.
Joerg and asmodai have stopped supporting dfports and have started
working on pkgsrc for technical reasons that are beyond my poor
ability to understand -- so the FreeBSD ports system on DragonFly
is dead beyond any possibility of resuscitation.  That's a fact,
because no one else has the skills and time to support dfports.
I urge all DFly fans to take a look at pkgmanager and help to make
it even better than portupgrade!  (Note that it is alpha-quality
at the moment, so please be ready to help debug.)

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