Debugging pkgsrc on DragonFly

Hiten Pandya hmp at
Sun Aug 14 18:11:45 PDT 2005

walt wrote:
On Sun, 14 Aug 2005, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:

On Sun, Aug 14, 2005 at 06:49:14AM -0700, walt wrote:

I've been using pkgsrc on DF for several months, but this is
the first time I've seen this kind of error, and I'm baffled.
You are missing the bmake bugfix. Check

Maybe this is not a bug, but if you type 'bmake' at the top of the pkgsrc 
tree, it causes the build to run in a manner which you can't terminate so 
easily.  Even if you send a Ctrl-C, it will carry on, because it has fired 
off multiple bmakes.  Highly annoying.


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