Compatability with FreeBSD Ports

walt wa1ter at
Fri Aug 12 18:29:33 PDT 2005

Hiten Pandya wrote:

To summarise, we need to compile a list of pkgsrc packages that are used 
most by DragonFly users.  Off the top of my head, I can say people will 
vote for Gnome and KDE.  The priority assigned to getting packages fixed 
will be dependant on the number of votes received.  If something like 
that can be achieved, it would be quite nice, from my point of view.
Me too!  The Big Problems are the packages which try to monitor
kernel data like load average, memory usage, swap space, and so on.
As an example:  libgtop2 is a gnome package which attempts to provide
all the stuff that 'top' gives you -- so that the gnome-panel-applets
can display the load average and so forth as a graph.
Would it be fundamentally impossible to make DFly libraries which
would serve as pass-through stubs to the libs that these packages
really want.  E.g., which would provide a target for
the linker, which would make it easy to patch the 'real' libgtop2

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