Possible Filesystem Corruption

John Duncan agley at optusnet.com.au
Thu Aug 11 14:28:37 PDT 2005

Matthew Dillon <dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>     It's possible that you may have caught the system in the middle of
>     the 'stat' update that Joerg made.   That would seriously confuse 
>     the shells if they were not completely recompiled.
>     The only way to tell is to do a complete buildworld/installworld/
>     buildkernel/installkernel sequence and to then see if the problem
>     reoccurs.
     I have done this, please see my reply to your other mail. To
     clarify for you the only errors I get are ICRC UDMA errors
     when booting but DragonFly downgrades to PIO4 mode every time.

     The nightly report last night thought I should know

     Preloaded elf kernel "/kernel" at 0xc069000

     I don't know if this is significant ?

>     We need to get a core dump to track down this issue.  This is
>     related to the shutdown code not being able to flush all the buffers.
>     It could very well be that this *IS* a driver issue, but in that case
>     I would have expected I/O errors to be reported on the console as well.
> 					-Matt

       I will probably re-install when these big changes occur and will
       try to figure out how to get a core dump then if it happens

                            All the best,
                             John Duncan

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