Possible Filesystem Corruption

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Thu Aug 11 12:26:48 PDT 2005

:> :Hi,
:> :   I am using HEAD last built about a week ago. For a while I have been
:> :   getting a random number of disks in the line that says syncing disks
:> :   when shutting down. Today I had a few more problems i.e. in /bin/csh
:> :   and /bin/tcsh I got
:>     How long as 'for a while' ?  Did you mean you were getting a 'random
:>     number of errors' instead of a 'random number of disks' in the 
:>     sentence above?
:      Probably about a week or 10 days, I meant sometimes it would say
:  syncing disks...9  sometimes syncing disks...22

    Ok. DR reports that one of his machines had a similar problem so I
    don't think the disk device is the cause.

    We had committed a lot of bug fixes in that time frame, though nothing
    related to this bug in particular, so definitely upgrade to the latest
    HEAD and lets see if it reoccurs.  If the filesystem was ok after reboot
    then it sounds like some sort of memory corruption rather then filesystem

    Has the problem occured on multiple occassions or just once ?


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