Information needed about DragonflyBSD

Max Okumoto okumoto at
Mon Aug 8 22:36:23 PDT 2005

Gordon Bergling wrote:

I am thinking about joining the DragonflyBSD project, but I would like 
to have
some information regarding some functionality of DragonfylBSD.

Is there support for atheros based wireless NICs?

Is ufs2 available (read-only support would be enough)?
We don't support this at the moment.

I also would like to develop for DfBSD, but I am not sure what branch I 
install. The latest release?
It depends on what you are working on, and how much interaction
it has with work other people are doing.
If you are working on user space applications like /usr/bin/make,
you can stay with the latest release.  System scripts in /etc, and
most other configuration files are pretty much release independent
unless there is active work on it.
If you are working on user space applications that is highly kernel
dependent like newfs, fsck, etc.  You might want to be using preview.
Most drivers, and have stable APIs.
Current is sort of a moving target, and you need to watch the kernel
mailing list so that you what is happening. People seem to work in
bursts so just wait for a quiet time to do a cvsup.
Since I am working on usr.bin/make I could just use release, but I
use current so I can be a test particle.  I've been pretty lucky,
only two bad kernels, and I was able to recover using the previous
version of the kernel.  I just had to wait for Matt to fix the problems.


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