BSD Certification Group releases certification program roadmap

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Thu Aug 25 13:07:20 PDT 2005

August  25,  2005 -- The BSD Certification Group announced on Thursday
the  release  of their certification program roadmap. This publication
introduces the Group's planned BSD system administrator certifications
and the construction of the certification program.
"The  roadmap  grew  out  of  the  responses  we  received to the Task
Analysis   Survey  published  in  July  2005,"  said  Jim  Brown,  BSD
Certification Group member. "The responses and comments we received in
that  project  helped clarify what the community thought was important
about a BSD certification program."
The  roadmap  discusses  the target audience and the objectives of the
methodology  subgroups. It also includes the estimated time frames for
the certification program development.
The  BSD  Certification  Group  has  decided  that the associate level
certification,  followed by the professional level certification, will
be  rolled out in 2006. The associate certification targets those with
light  to  moderate  skills  in  system administration and maps to the
Junior  SAGE  Job Description. The professional level certification is
for  those with stronger skills in BSD system usage and administration
and maps to the Intermediate/Advanced SAGE Job Description.
"If  you've used BSD for a while, or you have experience in other Unix
platforms,  the  associate  certification  will likely appeal to you,"
said  Brown.  "If  you've  used  BSD  for many years and have a strong
understanding of your BSD system, the professional certification might
be more appealing to you."
The  test  activation  goal  for  the associate level certification is
April 5, 2006.
"We  encourage  the entire BSD community to read the roadmap carefully
and to contribute their input and expertise towards the tasks that lay
ahead," said Dru Lavigne, chair of the BSD Certification Group.
The Certification Roadmap is available at
About the BSD Certification Group

The  BSD  Certification  Group  is comprised of educators, writers and
sysadmins who are well versed in and passionate about BSD systems. The
group was formed in January 2005 to create a BSD certification program
that  is  recognized  as the industry standard for certifying both the
knowledge  and  the  ability  to  perform  administrative tasks on BSD
systems.    The    BSD    Certification    Group    website    is   at

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