Compatability with FreeBSD Ports

Millsa Erlas millueradfa at
Fri Aug 12 06:36:04 PDT 2005

Does DragonflyBSD plan on keeping the ability to run application code on 
FreeBSD to be compiled on DragonflyBSD?

I suspect that it would be a good idea, even though an improved package 
system may be adopted, to perhaps maintain the capability to use FreeBSD 
ports as well on DragonflyBSD. Also, I think it may be a good idea for 
 DragonflyBSD to maintain the capability to compile application source 
code written for FreeBSD as well, so applications ported to FreeBSD run 
also on DragonflyBSD. This is so that the large amount of programs 
ported to FreeBSD can also run on DragonflyBSD without having to be 
re-ported to DragonflyBSD.

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