attempted upgrade killed vinum

Jake Maciejewski maciejej at
Wed Aug 10 23:39:55 PDT 2005

I attempted to upgrade my dual PII fileserver from 1.2.0-RELEASE. I
wasn't paying attention to my supfile and ended up downloading HEAD.
Everything built fine and I installed the kernel. Even if I start in
single-user mode, the new kernel panics when I try to load a shell, but
a HEAD kernel (even with COMPAT_DF12) isn't supposed to work on my
current userland, right?

Anyway, the more annoying problem is that now with the old kernel, I'm
getting panics when I try to load vinum, which definitely worked before
the ill-fated upgrade attempt. What should I do now? I've thought of the
following options:

1. get help debugging the old kernel
2. rebuild 1.2.0-RELEASE so I get a non-stripped kernel
3. try to upgrade to Preview and hope it works

If I do 2 or 3, can I just rename the ".old" kernel and modules to
".working" so the HEAD kernel doesn't get copied over it, or would that
break something?

Jake Maciejewski <maciejej at xxxxxxxx>

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