ssh X11 forwarding

justin at justin at
Fri Apr 29 12:28:01 PDT 2005

> On Fri, Apr 29, 2005 at 11:58:04AM -0700, Chuck Tuffli wrote:
>> 1) I copied over my old home directory including the .ssh directory
>>    with the old authorized_keys file, but I still get prompted for a
>>    password. Do I need to regenerate the keys?
> Check the permissions first. It's one of the less intuitive error cases.
> Also use ssh -d, it can help you alot to decide why he doesn't use
> the key.

Do you mean ssh -v?  (Or -vvv, for a lot of output.)

I copied over my .ssh directory from a FreeBSD machine to DragonFly some
time ago, and didn't find any issues or a need to regenerate anything.  I
tarred it up first, so as to (hopefully) preserve permissions more

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