Atte Peltomaki atte.peltomaki at iki.fi
Thu Apr 28 22:52:40 PDT 2005

> >http://www.pcbsd.org/
> >
> >always nice to see that BSD world growing...it can only improve cross 
> >fertilisation between all BSD flavors
> I think one of the biggest problems that such distros encounter is the 
> way a user can update software X.

This is the reason why I shy away from the idea of sticking with pkgsrc
- the problem can only be fixed with a working package manager, that
isn't just aware of dependencies, but also knows how to act on them. For
example, if I pkg_add -r X, that needs software Y version 2.0 but I have
version 1.99 installed, it will die instead of upgrading. 

Atte Peltomäki

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