xorg +XGI Volari XP5

Hummel Tom tom at bluespice.org
Tue Apr 26 08:51:44 PDT 2005

It's not the cost that was my argument, but power usage.
that's why i mentioned the Turion64...

You can get a Pentium-M for the same price, albeit with less MHz (but 
not less performance perse!). Besides, a Turion64 uses more power.
i doubt about the price, amd products tend to be much cheaper.
the Turions is at the same level as the P-M when it comes to power 
The Turion64 ML at 1800Mhz, has a TDP 25watts...
The Dothan Intel specs with 21 Watts...

While in my personal experience AMD always stated a very high TDP while 
the real usage is _much_ lower (e.g. winchester 3500+ TDP 67 real usage 
is 39)

Transmeta is still in the Pentium 3 non-coppermine/tualatin days where 
performance is concerned, just like VIA with their C3. I won't seriously 
recommend that to anyone buying a new notebook.
AMD Goede NX
1000Mhz at xxxxxxxx
in the ULV segment both AMD and Intel have similiar platforms

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