GCC 4.0 is out; adoptation?

Eduardo Tongson propolice at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 01:34:49 PDT 2005

> I read GCC 4.0 is out; I also read a while ago that DragonFly is going to
> make a change to GCC 3.4, instead of the standard 2.95.
> Is there a plan to adopt 4.0? There are a lot of new optimizations in it,
> and should produce faster code. They're more targeting for AMD64
> optimizations, also.
> I don't know if GCC4.0 breaks a lot of stuff (probably it does), but GCC
> 3.4 does that also (coming from 2.95), I guess.
> So, I'm curious about the plans. Wait for true stabilization of 4.0? Or
> jump ship?

I hope we don't drown.
A .0 release of GCC is not without the awful bugs and quirks.
GCC 3.0 comes next to a drowing ship
                                                    Eduardo Tongson     

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