IBM Netfinity 3000 & LiveCD problems

David Solanes dsolanes at
Wed Apr 20 12:03:23 PDT 2005

Dear Erik,

On 4/20/05, Erik P. Skaalerud <erik at xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> David Solanes skrev:
> > :in another PC I was not the keyboard after boot, yes when it looks the
> > :ascii menu, not after.
> I can't understand what you're trying to say, you should try to explain
> this a little better.

it hangs when it shows BIOS at the top of the boot.

I try to say exactily where it hangs, but now I haven't the PC near me.

> BTW, Have you tried to select the non-acpi boot in the boot menu?

this is the default mode, isn't true ?

1 default
2 with acpi
3 safe mode
4 etc etc..

but I can't because the kernel don't boot :(

the pc is:

IBM Netfinity 3000

. - Hard Disk ULTRAWIDE SCSI 4 gb.
. - 128 RAM
. - PII CPU 800 Mhz

Thanks a lot!

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