New Release

Kris Kennaway kkenn at
Tue Apr 19 18:19:00 PDT 2005

On 2005-04-19, Danial Thom <danial_thom at xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Fine, good luck with that.  Perhaps Linux will
>> suit your amd64 needs.
> Sadly, it appears that at this point in time its
> the only viable choice. But like I said, I don't
> "need" amd64. I'm just curious if there is any
> real evidence that its actually worthwhile. I've
> never seen any comprehensive results; only
> snippets of this and that. Nothing very
> compelling.
> And please don't write to me directly if you are
> going to use an unreachable return address. Its
> rude and annoying.

Uh, I didn't.  Ask someone to explain to you the difference between a
newsgroup posting and direct email.


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